A village themed boutique Eco Resort in Konark

Created for travellers and nature lovers wanting to experience a unique eco-stay inside coastal woodlands, on the Kushabhadra river mouth. We aren't a luxurious hotel but a boutique eco-stay lovingly crafted with Mud, Bamboo and Thatch cottages enveloped in lush greenery...



an untouched natural ambience you will love, a getaway from the hustle & bustle of city life, to be enjoyed solo or with family & friends...


Experience our Eco Resort in Konark,Odisha

We welcome guests and visitors from around the world and their pets as well. We invite you to come and experience  an eco-stay set amidst coastal wilderness. Listen to the silence interspersed with birdsong & poetry of the river. Let moments engulf you as you turn pages of lovely tomes. Reconnect with realms of wisdomCatch the night sky beside a bonfire. Let a magical sunrise capture your heart. Enjoy wilderness and serenity of WildDunes Eco Resort in Puri Konark Maine Drive  

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A variety of eco cottages, crafted with mud, bamboo, and thatch, set amid lush greenery.

Cuisines curated with love, incorporating the best of local ingredients -   satiety for your tastebuds. 

On the outer fringes of Balukhanda forest on the shores of Bay of Bengal, beside Kushabhadra river, nature trails highlight the biodiversity of coastal woodlands and sand dunes.

Natural water splash pools for kids, and adults to enjoy quiet 'me time' (to be booked in advance)

Let's Coexist...

In harmony with nature: staying connected to our roots helps us remain balanced physically and mentally. A village themed eco stay crafted with sustainable materials like bamboo, mud, and thatch is meant for travelers and nature lovers to stay connected and coexist with nature.

  • A pet friendly eco resort
  • Managed by local stakeholders
  • Ensuring an entire experience

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The river mouth is barely 100 steps away from the eco-stay.Take boatride to the isle explore dunes

Let plants heal you

Our campus is lush green which helps detox the mind and body. It is essential for us to stay connected to nature ! Take a few days off from work pressures, away from the concrete jungle, to relax and rejuvenate. Return to balance and harmony at our boutique eco resort in konark

Resort in Konark

Suite Cottage

Hotels in Puri Konark Marine Drive

Experience a village themed eco-stay amidst wilderness...

Away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, spend time Inside nature and reconnect to the woods...