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House Rules & Policies

  1. 100% payment to be done by guests for any booking confirmation prior to arrival. 50% of the payment deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation or no show, guest can change dates which can be deferred subject to availability within 30 days.
  2. The complete booking can be shifted once to a different date within 30 days keeping the no. of nights and rooms reserved unchanged as per the original booking.
  3. If the occupant leaves due to any emergency before their checkout date then the management is not liable to pay any refund amount and the occupant is liable to pay the complete amount for the booked dates.
  4. We follow strict policies of cancellation as per mandates.
  5. The Eco stay is not responsible for weather conditions, personal emergencies, or schedule changes. The occupant has to pay an entire amount for the reserved dates and a refund cannot be given in case of any breach as per the above guidelines.
  6. If you’ve any concerns, you can contact us via the Contact Page.
House Rules
  1. Loud music and noise inside the premises are not allowed as it may disturb other guests staying inside the Eco stay. Kindly maintain basic decorum.
  2. Bonfire beyond 10:00 pm is not allowed as per forest area laws & management policy.  
  3. Consumption of alcohol is not allowed in public areas, there are designated areas for drinking, any misbehavior inside the premises by guests in possession of alcohol will lead to the dishonor of the booking, hence we request all our guests to maintain the sanctity of the place. Usage of any kind of drug inside the premise is strictly prohibited. Getting hookah is also prohibited inside the Eco stay.
  4. We have the right to ask the guest to leave in case of threat to any other guest, staff or property without refund. Non Cooperation will be dealt with legal action by the police. Any damage to the property will be charged as per management’s decision & policy
  5. Swimming / venturing into the river mouth outside the Eco stay’s premises is at visitors/guest’s own risk and the Eco stay does not accept any liability for any mishap.
  6. Venturing out of Eco stay premises at night is at guest’s own risk, we discourage getting out at night for safety reasons. In-house guests need to be back inside Eco stay before 12:00 am at night.
  7. It’s a mandate to follow these 6 thumb rules inside the Eco stay to maintain the sanctity of the place and the safety of all stakeholders. Any guest booking with us by default agrees to all the terms and conditions.
Pet Policies
  • To ensure the comfort and satisfaction of our guests, pet’s stay is subject to the following rules:
  • The eco stay reserves the right to request the immediate removal of any animal displaying dangerous or unacceptable behavior, such as biting, scratching, barking excessively, proof of illness and urination or defecation in public areas.
  • The room cannot be occupied by more than one pet, under penalty of expulsion from the property, and the owner will be held responsible for all consequences and expenses inherent to such breach.
  • The pet is not allowed in the public areas of the Eco stay.
  • The pet has to be trained and has to be on leash to maintain safety inside the eco-stay
  • Guest need to carry pet's bed as pets are not allowed on the sleeping bed.